Bode the Shark (Tank x Daisy '09) Bode the Shark (Tank x Daisy '09) Bode the Shark 145742508 145742509 He loves this...obviously Our daughter dresses him up on a daily basis. Funniest thing this summer was looking out in the front field this summer watching him herd the pigs in a dress and scarf 145742510 145742511 Herding Pigs He dug a trench around the pig pen from herding the pigs all. day. long. for 3 months. 145742512 145742513 Munising, MI 145742515 Shore of Lake Superior One of our favorite spots in the whole world is Scott Falls Beach in AuTrain, Michigan. 145742516 Christmas Morning 2011! Bode and the kiddos getting ready to open their squeaky toys...or I mean presents 145742517 Bode, Teegan, and their matching stuff Teegan got a baby for Christmas with a matching baithing suit, and a little puppy that looked like Bode. She makes ALL of them play tea party. 145742518 The Gator 145742519 145742520 Fall 2011 All of our kids....playing in the middle of the road? 145742521 On "Steak" watch These are the Scottish Highlands he helped me get back from the near disaster 170519956 Always on look out He's watching the calves in this one. 170519957 Big Horn Mts, Wyoming 192968154 Big Horn Mts, Wyoming 192968155 Big Horn Mts, Wyoming 192968156 We checked into a motel in Gillette, unpacked, left Bode in the room, and ran out to get a late dinner. When we got back, we were SHOCKED to see him standing outside of the hotel waiting for us. He had OPENED THE DOOR, trucked down to the lobby, got out through the automatic doors, and was hangin out like it was no big deal. We would have just died if we wouldn't have found him, or someone picked him up, etc. No one from the hotel staff saw him exit, and this is a really nice hotel where a dog without an owner should be a surprising thing. 192968157 The shark and his girl Dirty Sally This girl loves her dog so so so much that there isn't even a word for it. She writes about him at school every day, draws pictures of him, and writes instruction manuals for how to take care of him. When she tells people how many people are in her family, she says, "five". 192968438