5H Farms - Alzada, MT

Registered Corriedales
Working Border Collies


 Nell came to us in 2016 from Lisa Gast in Scotland. Sweet, easy going, biddable but tough when she needs to be. These pictures were taken by Kim Russell in November of 2016, Nell working rams. Nell Pedigree & Health  Nell is on a trial run with a friend. She will be her only chore dog if they work well together. 


J.D. Ann

Annie has proven herself to be able to handle any task on this ranch so far except catching lambs like Drift could.  Never would I have imagined a female dog could be this strong.  Annie Pedigree & Health  Annie is OFA Good hipped and OFA Normal Shoulders and Elbows  



This dog is my dog dreams come true. He comes to us from Joni Tietjen in Wyoming. He is Drift, Jake and Annie rolled in one but even better. He came to visit this spring to help with shearing. I begged for her to sell him and she wouldn't. So I was surprised when she messaged me to say he was available. He is a trained Cattle and Sheep dog. For those of you not familiar with this dog he was bred, raised, trained and trialed by Joni Tietjen. He is by her Ben, who is the only dog to win the National Nursery Finals two times. Turner won two of the 4 nursery runs at the 2019 Bluegrass Classic and was awarded the most promising young dog award, he finished 5 points behind his kennel mate Deets who won Reserve Nursery Champion for the combined 4  runs.  He finished in the top 15 at the USBCHA 2019 Nursery finals. He was qualified for the 2020 USBCHA Nursery finals until Covid took away his final nursery year. TURNER PEDIGREE&HEALTH  Turner is DNA Normal for everything except a carrier for EAOD. He is OFA Good hipped, OFA Normal Shoulders and Elbows. Please contact if interested in using him for a stud.


Eve is by Deets, who I adore and out of a female who is cattle bred.  She is calm, confident and has good cover on the sheep EVE PEDIGREE & HEALTH Eve is OFA Pre-lim Good hip and OFA Normal Shoulders. She is a CEA carrier and normal for all others including EAOD






Jim comes to us from Texas, Goracke Border Collies. He has not turned on to working sheep yet although he does show some interest. We will continue hanging on and hoping that he will.

JIM PEDIGREE AND HEALTH  Jim is DNA Normal for everything  

HC Sis

We are really excited about this young female. She is a full sibling to the Mike dog we had that I regretted selling. When Amy said Mike's parents were having a final litter, I asked to be on the list. Sis is 9 months old now and keen to work. SIS PEDIGREE Sis is DNA Normal for everything