5H Farms - Alzada, MT

Registered Corriedales
Working Border Collies


I can not say enough good things about this boy, he is my right hand and more. There is nothing he will not do and there is no give up in him ever. He has saved my butt more times than I can count and I would be lost without him. I can not thank Vickie & Norm Close enough for selling us this awesome dog. Drift Pedigree  pictures taken in November 2016 by Kim Russell


Hanson Jake

We purchased Jake from Norm & Vickie Close of Handhills Border Collies. He was unable to be a trial dog for Vickie as he is afraid of storms. Working here on the ranch we seldom work in storms so not an issue for us. What a dog he is, he can read sheep and knows how to handle them all. He is the only dog who works in the shearing shed every spring and is a great corral dog as well. We do not use him much out on the ranch as he does not care to ride the 4 wheelers and it is just easier to grab a dog who does not care. He gets along with everybody.  Jake Pedigree & Health




5H Beau

Beau is our keeper pup from the 2019 May 10th litter from Nell and Joni Tietjen's young dog Deets. We are excited to see how Beau and his littermates grow up. Pedigree & Health