5H Farms - Alzada, MT

Registered Corriedales
Working Border Collies


 Nell came to us in 2016 from Lisa Gast in Scotland. We absolutely adore this little female. Sweet, easy going, biddable but tough when she needs to be. These pictures were taken by Kim Russell in November of 2016, Nell working rams. Nell Pedigree & Health



J.D. Ann

As many of you know I have been looking for years for a Drift replacement. I was beginning to think he wasn't going to be able to be replaced by one dog. The end of 2018 along came Annie. She has proven herself up to the task of replacing my boy time and time again. Never would I have imagined a female dog could be this strong. She is all that Nell is and more. We are excited to see what this young dog will do, she just turned two. Annie Pedigree & Health