5H Farms - Alzada, MT

Registered Corriedales
Working Border Collies


Dot is a happy go lucky dog who is pretty fearless. She will go anywhere and do anything you ask. She is a good working dog. Dot has been retired and is now living in Montana on a small ranch. Dot is OFA Good on hips, OFA Normal Elbows, DNA Normal for CEA, TNS & IGS.

Plum Ridge Nap

Nap is a good working dog who gets along with everyone. HE is OFA Excellent hips and OFA Normal Elbows. He is DNA Normal for CEA, TNS & IGS. Nap has gone back to live in Indiana with his breeder, Wendy Frevert of Plum Ridge Training Centre.


L & M Star

Star is a nice little female who enjoys working bigger flocks. She is eager to please and pretty fearless. She is loose eyed and has an excellent down and recall. She is OFA Excellent and OFA Normal Elbows and Shoulders. She is DNA Carrier for CEA and is DNA Normal for TNS, IGS and MDR1. She resides in Maryland now at Branchwater Border Collies. She may work sheep, ducks, cattle and possibly will do agility.


Mike Davis's Imp Jamie

 Mike Imported Jamie back in 2013 from Scotland. He was a finished hill dog there for John Allan. He now works both cattle and sheep for Mike on his large ranch is South Dakota. We have used Jamie for several litters and are extremely happy with his pups. They are talented but can be a bit intense. Jamie is ISDS/ABCA papered, OFA Good Hips,OFA Normal Elbows, DNA Normal for CEA,CL and TNS. 


5H Tank- 2001-2015

Tank was very easy going and got along with everybody and every dog. On sheep he had no trouble moving them, they felt his presence when he walked in a corral. He was ABCA papered & OFA Excellent hips.


Meg is a homegrown pup by our Jake and Imp Dess. She is a silly dog like her mama and always makes me smile. She will pick up the weirdest things to carry on our walk, that she gets from Jake. She can make sheep move like both of her parents. I have not been using her much up until this fall and I am very happy with her. She is the only dog that I have not wanted to send away to be trained. While she will never be as well trained as the others I think she will work well for me. Meg seldom starts anything, is usually by my side, but if someone starts something she will jump in. Meg is now residing in Canada with her son Torin and person Louise     Meg Pedigree & Health



We got Amelia in the spring of 2014 from Ray & Linda Evans in MO. She is cattle dog bred and fast as they come. She is a sweetheart one on one but a bit obsessed out with the other dogs. She is a good working dog and totally focused on her stock. Amelia has been sold to Wendy Frevert of Plum Ridge Training Centre. She will be used on goats and calves and I imagine a repeat of Amelia and Nap breeding will take place as well. 

Amelia pedigree & Health