5H Farms - Alzada, MT

Registered Corriedales
Working Border Collies

This is the reason we came to MT. We got a call that this ranch was looking for someone to buy in 50% of the flock and live on the ranch. The end of April 2010 found us leaving our home, jobs and family, packing all we owned and moving to SE MT. This flock started out with Rambouillet Ewes and Lincoln rams, so is basically a columbia commercial flock. They run on  23 sections in the summer and 15 sections in the winter. That pasture is called the "breaks" This ranch is unique in it's operation. The only sheep normally by the ranch in the winter are the replacement ewe lambs. The rest winter in the breaks and we do not see them until April when we bring them out!  We start lambing mid May and ship mid-October. We would like to have around 2500-3000 head of ewes and right now we have just over 2000.





Shipping 2015